Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Delaware Monument - Gettysburg

On a battlefield that saw an explosion of monuments beginning in the 1880s, the Delaware monument seems practically brand new, having been placed on the field in 2000. Two regiments of the First State fought at Gettysburg, the 1st and 2nd Delaware Volunteer Infantry Regiments.

Meade's Headquarters - Gettysburg

The humble Leister house, named for the widow who lived in it when war arrived at Gettysburg, stands on the reverse slope of Cemetery Ridge. Its central location on the "fishhook" Union line earned the tiny house the temporary title of army headquarters after Major General George Meade made it the base of his operations for the battle's final two days. Fighting swirled nearby on the second and third days of the battle, but the little house is more important for hosting the council of war after the second day were it was confirmed that the Union would "stay and fight it out."

Monday, August 4, 2008

83rd PA. Monument on Little Round Top, Gettysburg

Spring blossoms surround the 83rd Pennsylvania monument on Little Round Top, site of fighting on the second day at Gettysburg. Col. Strong Vincent, formerly leader of the 83rd and, at Gettysburg, in charge of the brigade that contained the Erie, Pa. area unit, is memorialized on top of the monument. Vincent was killed early in the Confederate attacks against the men he brought to Little Round Top in a rush to defend the otherwise virtually empty hill.