Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snow in the Cemetery - Gettysburg

The Soldiers National Cemetery rests under a blanket of snow at Gettysburg. The Soldiers National Monument stands as one of the few markers not covered by the light snow - the grave markers of those killed at Gettysburg are flush to the ground in a simple design, radiating in a half circle from the tall monument at its center. (Click image for larger view).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Opposing Armies - Gettysburg

The monument to the 72nd Pa. Infantry stands on Cemetery Ridge at the Angle, facing the Virginia State Memorial (left background) and the Confederate lines on Seminary Ridge at Gettysburg. Confederates in Pickett's Charge crossed this open ground (lined by the shadow of the Copse of Trees) before briefly piercing the Union line here. (Click image for larger view).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

14th Indiana - Gettysburg

Monuments to the 14th Indiana Infantry (left) and Major General Winfield Scott Hancock stand among other Union markers on East Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg. As dusk fell at the end of the second day day of fighting, a Confederate attack reached the top of the artillery stronghold. The 14th was part of the brigade ordered in to the defense of the hill by the Hancock. Upon arriving at the action, the 14th's Colonel John Coons found rebels mixing with the cannons at the crest. "I immediately formed my regiment into line and advanced upon them with fixed bayonets, driving them from the gun they had taken down the hill over a stone fence in front of the battery. At this point we gave them two or three volleys, when they fell back." (Click image for larger view.)

Monday, October 27, 2008

69th Pa. at the Angle - Gettysburg

The low stone wall occupied by Union troops at the Angle at Gettysburg is marked by monuments all along the line, but only one unit, the 69th Pennsylvania Infantry, has separate markers representing each of its companies positions (partially shown at right). Many Union troops fought off Pickett's Charge but few were in as hot a position as the 69th, which found itself at the point of the only Confederate breakthrough. (Click image for larger view).