Friday, August 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Monument - Gettysburg

Names of high-ranking Pennsylvanians are carved into arches of the Keystone state's massive monument on Cemetery Ridge. Ten of thousands of soldiers fought for the Union on their home state's soil. Decades before the completion of this monument, a speaker at Gettysburg's "Pennsylvania Day" ceremonies praised the men who fought for the Commonwealth. "Soldiers of Pennsylvania, your valor has been seen in many battle fields, but on none has it been greater or grander, nobler or more heroic than on the July days of 1863." (Click image for larger view).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trostle farm - Gettysburg

The moon hangs over the Trostle farm at Gettysburg. The scene here would have been chaotic late in the afternoon and early evening on the second day of fighting as Union troops posted at the Peach Orchard were routed and sent streaming back to Cemetery Ridge by Longstreet's assault. To the right of the Trostle barn (center) Union Major General Dan Sickles received the artillery wound that cost him his leg and knocked him out of the battle. (Click image for larger view).

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mozart Regiment in the Valley of Death - Gettysburg

A soldier peers over a protective boulder in the monument to the 40th New York on the floor of the Valley of Death at Gettysburg, site of fighting on the second day at Gettysburg. Nicknamed the Mozart Regiment after the Mozart Hall Committee of the New York City Democratic party which sponsored it, the 40th entered the fight between Devils Den and Little Round Top as the Confederates where taking control of the sector. Despite being credited with "fighting like tigers," the 40th did not last long in the valley. (Click image for larger view).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

North Carolina - Gettysburg

The North Carolina Monument faces the moon and Cemetery Ridge from Seminary Ridge at Gettysburg. Gutzon Borglum - the same sculptor who created Mount Rushmore - created a grouping of five figures pushing forward toward the distant ridge to honor the service of all North Carolinians in the battle. (Click image for larger view).

Monday, August 18, 2008

General Hays - Gettysburg

Late day sun glistens off the gold patina of the Brigadier General Alexander Hays monument on Cemetery Ridge, where units of his Union division were posted during the repulse of Pickett's Charge. Hays is pictured as a commander in motion - and with a stern determination, appropriate for a general who was on the line near Ziegler's Grove as the charge crested, and had two horses shot from under him. "Hurrah! Boys, we're giving them hell!" he yelled from the saddle as he rode among his men. (Click image for larger view).